Knowing what is in the hearts of your customers is among the most important things you should know before putting up a restaurant. Knowing the customers’ general likes and dislikes helps you avoid getting negative reviews, especially when you are still starting. With this in mind, here are three tips on what a customer wants to experience in a restaurant.

Tip #1: Warm Greeting


A customer wants to be greeted warmly with a big smile as they enter your establishment. Welcome them with your friendliest greeting and make them feel important. This is important as your customer’s first impression may affect their mood for the entire dining experience.

Tip #2: Great Food


Every customer expects to eat delicious food when they enter your establishment. To keep them satisfied, politely suggest the most sumptuous food you have on your menu. Suggesting your best sellers will give them information on what your restaurant specializes in.

Tip #3: Alertness and Readiness


These two are vital characteristics that your staff should have to keep customers happy and satisfied. Always be quick and be prepared to assist the customers whenever they require your help.

If you have an unsatisfied customer, rectify the situation immediately. This will assure that you deliver quality customer service even after a bad experience. Remember that anything your customers might say about your business matters, so always be careful in dealing with them
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