Congrats to all companies who participated in the recently concluded Ad:Tech Sydney Digital Marketing Show 2012. Once again the leading event for the digital marketing and advertising community in Australia and New Zealand showcased great innovation.

A lot of renowned companies as well as new comer in the tech and digital industry shared their new technology and services. To name a few:

    -      EA SPORTS
    -      Commonwealth Bank of Australia
    -      WakaNetwork
    -      Forrester Research
    -      Vodafone Hutchinson
    -      Citi
    -      NOKIA
    -      Google Australia & New Zealand
    -      Samsung
    -      Deals Direct
    -      Canon Australia
    -      LinkedIn
    -      The Nielsen Company   

See you all tech enthusiast to AdTech’s next stop which will be in Melbourne, Australia this coming March 28 and 29, 2012.

R E C O M M E N D E D   D E A L S

3/21/2012 09:20:23 pm

I think they're going to have another Ad Tech show in San Francisco next month.

3/26/2012 04:27:30 pm

@Kenneth thank you very much for the heads up. Yes Ad:Tech's 2012 Trade Show will be in the following cities:
1. San Francisco - April
2. Singapore - June
3. London - September
4. Tokyo - October
5. New York - November

8/2/2012 04:30:45 pm

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