Knowing what is in the hearts of your customers is among the most important things you should know before putting up a restaurant. Knowing the customers’ general likes and dislikes helps you avoid getting negative reviews, especially when you are still starting. With this in mind, here are three tips on what a customer wants to experience in a restaurant.

Tip #1: Warm Greeting


A customer wants to be greeted warmly with a big smile as they enter your establishment. Welcome them with your friendliest greeting and make them feel important. This is important as your customer’s first impression may affect their mood for the entire dining experience.

Tip #2: Great Food


Every customer expects to eat delicious food when they enter your establishment. To keep them satisfied, politely suggest the most sumptuous food you have on your menu. Suggesting your best sellers will give them information on what your restaurant specializes in.

Tip #3: Alertness and Readiness


These two are vital characteristics that your staff should have to keep customers happy and satisfied. Always be quick and be prepared to assist the customers whenever they require your help.

If you have an unsatisfied customer, rectify the situation immediately. This will assure that you deliver quality customer service even after a bad experience. Remember that anything your customers might say about your business matters, so always be careful in dealing with them
As I browsed the net last week, I found these three Today’s Best Deals that are perfect for my family and for a friend. My sister wanted an exceptional make-up for her musical play audition last Friday, one of my buddies planned to lose his weight this month but unfortunately have no budget for it, and my mom needed to bring my younger brother to a clinic for a dental check-up. Everything was done conveniently through these deals below from different recommendable deal sites.

Brook Franklin Forever’s Glam Make-Up

I found this great deal from that offers a $75+ glamorous make-up service for only $29. According to my sister, she had the best glamour make-up service ever and she is grateful that she got it with a 61%. By the way, she passed her audition because of its dramatic look.

Workout Anytime’s One-Month Gym Membership

I sent this deal from LivingSocial as a gift for my buddy last week. He was surprised and very thankful for it because of the 80% savings he got. He only paid $15 for this $75 deal and now he is on his fifth day at Workout Anytime. I saw him just yesterday and he is really improving. He also shared with me that he tried the HydroMassage, he said that it was superb and indeed relaxing.

Wildwood Family and Cosmetic Dentistry of Marietta’s Dental Service

I bought this deal from Groupon and my mom was not expecting this deal coming from me. It was my “Happy Mother’s Day” greeting to her. I told her that I only paid $49 for this deal that costs $637 and it includes a one-hour dental examination with x-rays and basic cleaning. She was surprised that such a deal exists. So she went immediately to avail this dental service for my younger brother. My mom was grateful for the high quality of service they received from the clinic and she wants to try their services for herself next month.

You can check out daily deals online easily but finding the best ones needs time and effort. So take time and get the best by choosing deals with higher discount. Know what you need and search carefully for the best-priced deal.
Everyone loves a great deal. A great deal, for the most part, helps buyers get a product for less, which saves more money for the consumer. Daily deal sites like GroupOn, Waka Network, and LivingSocial make it easier for consumers to shop for products while acquiring discounts. While it is proven that buying from daily deal sites saves money, it also makes it for consumers to spend more money. With tons of offers on sites and emails, consumers are tempted to buy more than what they actually need.

To avoid the overbuying dilemma, read the following tips.

Just Buy What You Need

When we are caught up with a good deal, we tend to buy them immediately. Buying a half-priced voucher is okay, yet if it becomes a daily habit, it also becomes a problem. In order to save more money, limit your purchases to things that you need. Bear in mind that spending money on numerous purchase, no matter how many discounts you acquire, can also cut your savings and ruin your budget. Just buy what you need and not everything you want.

Stick To Your Budget

Shopping is more fruitful if you stick to your budget. When shopping at deal sites, make a list of things you like to buy. Prioritize first the things you immediately need before proceeding to the other items on your list. Make sure that you don’t go overboard your budget. Refrain from making impulse buys on the items that are not on your list.

Compare Prices

Comparing prices is one of the best ways to save money. When looking for online deals, don’t settle for the first deal that you come across. Find the best offer by comparing brands and prices. Always ensure that you get the best deal for a lower price or with more useful incentives.

Shopping at daily deal sites is easy if you maximize the money you can save. Follow these tips and consider your purchases to avoid overbuying.
When I first heard about deal sites, I thought they were all the same. However, when I checked every deal site I found on the net, each has its unique and creative strategies to attract wise spenders to avail coupons and patronize their sites.


GroupOn offers deals that are available and consumable within a certain period of time. This is a wise strategy as it makes the consumer avail the items immediately before the timer runs out. For instance, a yogurt shop offers a $5 discount that people can purchase and use from 11:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. on a certain day only. Through this approach, people who see the deal will immediately buy this great deal in a wink.

1 Sale A Day

This deal site has a different style to attract consumers. They give the shoppers a limited time to buy an item but a longer time frame to make use of their purchase. The customer can use the item anytime but they should purchase it immediately before the deal ends. This method invites the consumer to take the deal as early as possible.

Waka Network

This deal site is a group buying site. It means that there are a certain number of people required to buy a deal before the deal becomes effective. So, if a yogurt voucher needs five consumers, then that means that the deal is off once only four consumers buys it. This incites consumers to gather their friends in order to buy the deal.

Not only that, they also have excellent offers for their premium plan members. These include roadside assistance, remote PC support, locksmith assistance, concierge, and travel bookings. With these benefits, members are given more than retail coupons.

Before signing up with any of these deal sites, make sure that their services can provide what you need. Enjoy online shopping the affordable way today!
Three years after the Daily Deal business model debuted, there have been a lot of changes and improvement that has made this industry thrive and succeed. With different websites surfacing to cater to consumers’ needs, the competition is picking up and is shaping the future of e-commerce.

If you’re going to browse through the different deal-a-day sites, you will notice that most of them cater to a specific target market. One example is a website that is specifically for pet lovers. They give discounts to pet food, toys, accessories, and other pet related products. Another example is a website that features only the best travel destinations and hotels around the world. These types of daily deal sites cater to the needs of those who love to travel while staying frugal as much as possible.

This kind of strategic marketing makes it easier for e-commerce sites to reach their target audience and give their customers quality deals they can really benefit from. Merchants who sell unique products for a specific niche also find repeat customers in these kinds of deal websites.

Another noticeable trend on deal websites is the consumer feedback features on the deals and merchants. Now it’s easier for customers to share and read about the experiences other people have in availing their discount vouchers.
Daily dealwebsites are getting bigger and better this 2012 with more deals and giveaways in store for deal consumers. This industry is sure to give you more exciting deals this year so stand by for more updates by your favorite group buying site.

Aside from its world-class status and beauty, Illinois is also one of the best places to dine in. With numerous restaurants and cafés around the state, you would surely find the right one that would suit your taste and budget.

Good thing offers a lot of GCs in Illinois to help me save more money while trying out different types of food.

GC #1: Tocco Restaurant - $50 Certificate With Every Minimum Purchase of $100

Tocco Restaurant is the best place to be when you’re craving for Italian food. The ambiance here is great and the food is delicious. My friends and I have tried their pizza and carbonara pasta and they were absolutely delightful. Customers keep coming back for their specialties.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

GC #2: Between Peruvian Cafe and Lounge - $50 Certificate With Every Minimum Purchase of $100

It was a long time ago when I’ve eaten at this cafe and my experience was really rewarding. Their ceviche was unbelievably delicious. The service, however, was a little slow. The best time to go here is before peak hours so they can give you their undivided attention.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

GC #3: India House - Rockford - $25 Certificate With Every Minimum Purchase of $50

I’ve recently dined here and the food was good. The Chicken Vindaloo is their forte. I also love their naan and curry. It’s always crowded in this restaurant. Because the buffet is so affordable, there is always a large number of people inside.

Rating: 4 / 5

Note: There are more affordable GCs for various restaurants, you just have to choose the best one that would fit your budget.