When your electric bill is eating up a large portion of your money, you need to find ways on how to lower it down little by little. Good thing, there are several gadgets which can help you save more energy and therefore cut back a significant amount in your electric bill. Here are a few energy-saving gadgets you might want to give a try.

EcoButton is a computer energy-saving device that can help save energy when your computer is left unattended. In using it, you need to connect it to a USB port, then click the button to set your computer into ‘Eco Mode’ or energy saving state. And when you’ll start working again, you just have to press the button for your computer to be reactivated. This device is perfect for people who usually leave their computers idle for many reasons but do not like turning them off.

TV TrickleSaver
If television is one of your most used appliances at home, you might need a TV TrickleSaver. This device works by reducing the standby power of all your TV accessories such as amplifiers, game consoles, satellite receivers, and others. TrickleSaver ensures that when your TV is switched off, all your peripherals are also switched off.

Biobulb is an energy-saving light bulb that is 80% more efficient compared to regular incandescent bulbs. It uses 75% less energy than a standard bulb, helping you lower your monthly electric bill. Also, it provides a bright light (closest to sunlight) to give your room a sunshine light that can uplift mood and increase energy levels.

Battery Wizard Recharger
As its name suggests, battery wizard recharger is a device that recharges both rechargeable and even standard batteries. Yes! This device can give more life to disposable batteries and other batteries like alkaline and NiCad up to ten times as long as they’re not depleted. You just have to place your batteries inside this device and it will automatically turns off so your battery don’t overheat.

Even though these appliances will cause you money, it provides a long-term return. It will help you reduce your electric bill for a longer time, save money for other things, and most importantly, do something good for the mother earth.

The New Year has finally started and you’re surely making plans to save more money for future purposes. Whether it is your New Year’s resolution or just your aim to buy the things that you want, it may not be as easy as you think, especially if you’re not used in cutting back your expenses. However, with just a little sacrifice and motivation, saving money will soon be a piece of cake. Read on the following tips to help you get started on your money-saving endeavors.

Make a Budget and Stick to it
This tip may sound cliche but it actually works. Making a budget and sticking to it can help you reduce your expenses rather than buying things on the spur of the moment. It can also help you find ways on how to cut back your spendings on different things to meet your budget requirement.

Stay at Home
If it’s your habit to go out or have an extravagant dinner every week or every payday, it may be impossible for you to save money. Instead of going out frequently, make it a habit to stay at home, watch DVDs, and cook dinner at home. It will not only help you save more money but also give you time with your family.

Automatic Savings
Start by putting a little amount of money in your savings account each month. You can start at $50 every month and increase it little by little. Through this, you can have extra money or reserves for emergency purposes.

Health is Wealth
Being physically fit doesn’t only make you feel good but it can also help you save more money. When you’re healthy, you can be immuned to common diseases and help cut back on your medications. Just try to maintain a healthy eating habit and exercise at least twice a week. And if you have vices like smoking or drinking, you should start to quit and save the money you use for it.

Other important tips:

●      Replace your regular bulbs with an CFL bulb as it can last 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs and is safer for the environment.

●      If you’re using a mobile phone plan, pick a plan that best suits you and monitor your messaging or calling needs to know if you actually need it or not.

●      Refrain from using your credit or debit cards if you have cash. Always remember that paying with cash is more convenient and practical than cards since you don’t have to pay for interest charges or overdraft fees.

By exerting a little more effort in managing all your expenses, you can be surprised on how much money you can actually save. Have these tips as your guide and saving money will come natural and easy for you.
Similar to computers, TV has also impacted the lives of the people in different aspects from the day it was invented up to this very day. It has become one of the most important appliances you should have in your home because it is a good source of entertainment and a very reliable source of news for everyone.

With the rapid changes that occur in our present technology, television has become more advanced and more costly at same time. This is why it is not practical to buy a new TV if you already have one. However, a big discount from deals could be an excuse.

Here are some of the TV deals sites you can check for your savings.

Dell TV Deals

This site offers discounted LED TVs worth over $1,400 with extra service of 1-year Product Protection Plan. You can as well get 5 to 7 days free ground shipping and free easy returns when purchasing on their website. They also offer a 12-month special financing on selected smart TVs for qualified Dell Preferred Account customers.

Dealspl.us TV Deals

This aggregator site has gathered all TV deals from deal sites like Groupon, and other sites that offer discounted TVs. They offer different types of TVs such as HDTVs, LCD TVs, LED TVs, flat screen, big screens, plasmas, and a lot more with a discounted price. These deals includes brands like Vizio, Coby, Westinghouse, LG, Samsung, and all others.

Best Buy All Flat-Panel TVs On Sale

The site is currently offering all flat-panel TVs with brands like Sharp, Insignia, RCA, Toshiba, Panasonic, and others on sale. They also give everything for free shipping and offering from 6 months up to 24 months financing depending on the item you will purchase.

When choosing what to buy, always consider what is high in quality, trusted brands, and affordable in price. And it is satisfying when you have bought expensive items that offer reliable quality with great discount at the same time. Check out the items which are under the links above to choose your TV deals
Daily deals aggregator site is a site that gathers and consolidate all daily deals offered across the cyberspace. Aggregators are similar to deal sites when it comes to the content of their site. In this type of site, each deals are listed according to their category, but you can also select your country and state to make your search specific.

 To help you learn more about this, check out my list of the top three deals aggregators.

Yipit “Every sale. One place.”

It is one of the best aggregators in the country that tracks the best deals from popular sites like Google Offers, Groupon, LivingSocial, Travelzoo, AmazonLocal, and all other deal sites. Yipit claims to be a one-stop shop for discounted quality stuffs. They offer deals for dining & nightlife such as restaurant and bars/lounge deals, health & beauty services, fitness membership and training, apparels, home services, and activities or events.

Dealradar “The deals find you”

This site is dedicated to follow, record, and consolidate local deals so the consumers can easily purchase discounted items effortlessly. They make it easy for you to access great deals from BuyWithMe, CBS Local Offers, CT Deals, Daily Dealster, Gilt City, LA Deals, Valpak, and a lot more.

Dealize “Every local deal. One website.”

Deal seekers are the main focus of this site. Dealize is thoroughly finding and filtering the best local deals from more than 33 deal sites, including the popular ones. The deal seekers may receive deals through email, twitter, and the website itself. They cover eight countries such as USA, Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

Though a lot of deals are all over the internet nowadays, it is still hard to track all the discounted items you need in only one deal site. This is why aggregators are really increasing in numbers. If you are a deal seeker, it is recommended for you to choose the aggregator that offers the best local deals you can purchase.


Giving inexpensive gifts this Christmas is something you should consider if you have too many people on your list. It is one good way to cut down your holiday spendings as well as give a gift that is truly unique and special. Here are some affordable gift choices you can give your loved ones this holiday season.

If you’re really on a tight budget, you can consider giving cards this Christmas. Cards are one good way to send and create personal messages to your loved ones. You can make it even more special by writing a poem or a short but meaningful letter to your recipients.

Baked Goodies
Another popular gift for this Christmas are baked goods. If you know how to make delicious cupcakes, cookies, or brownies, you can give them as a present to a person who loves desserts and sweets. You can also decorate them and include your message through decorative frosting.

Handmade Gifts
If you know how to sew, crochet, or knit, you can always make a personalized scarf, hat, or sweater. Materials for doing items like these are much affordable than buying a new one. Plus, the recipients of these gifts will truly appreciate handmade gifts, knowing that you put in effort and time to make them.

Books are another popular yet affordable gift for your loved ones. By finding the right book or a book from the favorite author of the receiver, he or she will surely appreciate and love the gift you’ve given.

Journals are the perfect gift for your friend or loved ones who enjoy writing. Make it more fun and artistic by creating a journal cover that suits the personality of the receiver.

Gift giving need not be purse-ruining or confusing. By just being creative, you can surely find a unique gift that will surely be appreciated by anyones who receive it.

Most popular deal sites nowadays focus on what women want. Some tend to forget about the men’s wants and most sites have deals for men but only a few. Men also need deal sites for their own savings, especially for bachelors who live on their own and for single dads. To help men in this endeavor, check out the deal sites I have listed below.

ManBargains. This site is dedicated to offer deals, products, and online coupon codes sites exclusively for men. They carefully select deals and coupon codes and collate them. True men treat women special, so this site provides gift ideas for men to give to the ladies. ManBargains offers deals by category such as Home & Garage, Outdoors, Clothing & Gear, Sporting Goods, Electronics, Gadgets & Gifts, Media, and by Top Brands which are essentials for men.

ManDeals. The men behind this site. is focused on providing what men want. All the products and services they offer are purposefully picked for men. However, ladies are allowed as well in this site so they can choose gifts for their men. ManDeals claims that everything they promote in their site are tested beforehand. Choose deals to purchase from their Today’s Deal and Side Deals (other deals).

Other Sites for Men
●    Topman. For a fashion website that offers discounts on clothings and accessories exclusive for men, you may visit this website.
●    JackThreads. Fashion deals for men are offered under their Today’s Sales, and winter items can be seen under Seasonal Shops.
●    Dappered. A two-in-one website that provides great ideas on men’s fashion and offers deals that turns these ideas into reality.

The websites listed above are exclusive for men. However, most of these sites provide gift ideas for both men and women. If you are a woman who wants to give a gift to the man in your life, I recommend Dappered. Visit any of the suggested deal sites above and purchase discounted items for your savings.

Most ladies have a hard time finding gifts for the men in their lives because of the tons of gift selections these days. If you’re one of these people, you must think first about the interest of the person you're going to buy the gift for. Be it for your father, grandpa, brother, husband, boyfriend, or son, these sites can help you narrow down your gift selection.

Best Buy (bestbuy.com)
For boys who like computer games and electronic gadgets, you can shop at Bestbuy.com, an retailer of consumer electronics. Here, you can find the latest gadgets, games, DVDs, and car accessories for men of different ages.

Eastbay (eastbay.com)
Eastbay is a recommended site to visit if the person you’re going to buy a gift for is athletic or sporty. You can find bountiful selections of sneakers, rubber shoes, elite socks, college fan gear, and a whole lot more. It also features top athletic brands such as Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Converse, New Balance, and many others.

J.Crew (jcrew.com)
If your man is a fan of quality clothing, Jcrew.com is a good site to turn to. Here you can find different stylish clothes such as sweater, polos, khakis, jeans, accessories, and other apparel that your man will surely appreciate.

Barnes & Nobles  (barnesandnobles.com)
If your father or boyfriend love to read books, barnesandnobles.com is the best site to shop at. Barnes & Nobles sells different kinds of books and NOOK Books on different genres. Another good thing about this site is that you can find a book that will best suit your budget.

With these sites mentioned, I hope you find a gift that you father, brother, or husband will like. Just make sure that you carefully think on what gift to buy to make this holiday season merrier.


With online shopping becoming prevalent this holiday season, it’s always better to watch out for online scams and frauds that can ruin your holiday shopping experience. To help you avoid online scams while shopping, here are some important tips you can consider.

Research the Company

In order to know if the company is a reputable one, research it over the internet and look if there is any history of fraud or scam in that company. You can also ask other consumers to know if a certain online store can be trusted or not. This is to ensure that you’ll be making transactions with only legitimate websites and companies.

Avoid Suspicious Website

If you  encounter a website with too-good-to-be-true offers, be wary. Most of the time, fraudulent websites use appealing offers to let customers fall into their schemes. Also, if the company has an unpleasant website layout or contains multiple pop-up windows, it may not be a reputable retailer. In order to be safe, shop only at known retailers or reputable sites.

Be Cautious With Spam Mails

If you receive emails that require you to open hyperlinks or attachments, just ignore it or don’t click it. It may be a trap into some money-grabbing scheme or other gimmicks that will ask you to give your personal information.

Don’t Give Out Your Personal Information

Be cautious of websites that require too much personal information such as your social security or driver’s license numbers. Keep in mind that legitimate retailers don’t need information like this to process your transaction and only fake websites ask for this info.

Use Your Credit Card

Whenever making transactions at online stores, use your credit card. Credit cards have extra fraud protection that can help you get your money back in case you fall into any shopping fraud or scams.

Online shopping is a great alternative if you’re avoiding the hassle of mall shopping these holidays. You just have to be extra careful in accomplishing your transactions to make your shopping experience rewarding and easy.
The holiday season is almost here and this means non-stop shopping for everyone. While it is customary to spend on holidays, you don’t have to go crazy in spending all your money. To make your holiday shopping more organized, here are some of the common holiday mistakes you should take note of.

Breaking Your Budget

Although the holiday season is the time for shopping, parties, and gift-giving, you don’t have to overspend. You still have to set your budget and determine how much you are willing to spend on gifts, decorations, and parties. Always make a list and stick to it.

Forgetting to Shop Around

When shopping during the holidays, don’t immediately buy the first thing that catches your attention. Look in at least two to three stores and compare their prices. You can also comparison shop over the internet to have an idea on how much a certain item may cost you. And if you want to save more money, you can always shop on Black Friday sales.

Buying To Impress

Pleasing your family and friends does not mean buying extravagant gifts. Buying expensive gifts can surely make someone happy, but it would cost you too much and would break your budget. Instead, think of creative or personal gifts that are affordable yet matches the interests and personalities of your recipients.

Using Your Credit Card For Everything

If you use your credit card to pay for everything, it may take you longer to pay all your debts. As much as possible, use cash or your debit card to purchase gifts and other things. This will not only help you avoid impulse buying but also help you save more money.

Shopping At The Last Minute

One of the biggest mistakes people commit during the holidays is buying presents at the last minute. If you find yourself in this scenario, just postpone your holiday shopping a little bit longer. This will  help you to think for the right gift for your loved one and not make rash decisions which may result into the worst gift selection.

When you shop for the holiday season, follow these simple guidelines to avoid spending much. These tips will help you save more money which could also be a nice present you could give yourself.
Extracurricular learning helps your brain stay active, polish a hobby, and pick a new trade or pastime. Even if you’re working or a stay-at-home mom, you can always find something new to learn without paying a lot. To keep you updated with the available classes you can take for additional learning while saving, check out the list I made below.

Educational/Class Deals

Top#1: Revere Glass SchoolBerkeley

Deal: Four-Hour Intro to Glass-Blowing Class ($220 Value)

Rating: 5 stars; 64 Yelp reviews

Price: $99

Savings: $121 or 55%

Available in three levels:

Level 1: Solid Glass

Level 2: Blown Glass

Level 3: Advanced Course

Top#2: SF MixologyMultiple Locations

Deal: Intro Mixology Cocktail-Making Class for 1 or 10, or Spirits Evolution Class

Rating: 5 stars; 28 Yelp reviews

Price: $69

Savings: $130 or 65%


2 hours for Spirits Evolution class ($69)

2 hours for Introduction to the Art of Mixology class ($69)

Other option: Private class for Introduction to the Art of Mixology for $499 (Original: Up to $1,990).

Top#3: U.S. Training GroupSouth San Francisco

Deal: Basic Pistol or Basic Rifle Introductory Course or Intermediate Shotgun Course (Up to 64% Off)

Rating: 5 stars; 8 Yelp reviews

Price: $75 and $120

Savings: $130 or 65%


Basic pistol or rifle introductory course ($75)

Intermediate shotgun course ($120)

Learning something new can improve your skills and widen your knowledge. For more choices on continuous education, visit your local universities and colleges. You can also apply for courses available online.