Have you ever heard of the term extreme couponers? They are coupon-loving customers who pair coupons and sales to clear off store shelves. They are not actually not good for business that's why some stores have tightened their policies on entertaining coupons to put a stop to the extreme shopping behavior.

If you can't relate a bit to that information, it only means that you're not yet into the coupon shopping bandwagon. It can be good or bad, depending on how you see shopping for value. The more important matter if you plan of embarking on using coupons online is the credibility of the coupon website.
_Below are the Top 7 Coupon Websites I'm recommending to you:
1) Coupons.com
2) Facebook Coupons
3) Coupon Network by Catalina
4) DealNews
5) DropDownDeals
6) Waka Network Online Deals
7) RetailMeNot

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