Got deals. But do you have reviews?
_The significance of reviews on Google Local pages has increased with Google no longer pulling in reviews from Yelp and other third-party sites. If you must know, product or service reviews are just one of the many factors that affect Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings. The secret is in getting many reviews -- good ones hopefully -- that can let your business stand out.
Where To Get Reviews
It's usually disgruntled customers who leave honest reviews, but there are still mild-mannered opinions about the product or service that you can find online. It won't help that you have many reviews but 80% are pointing out your merchandise flaws.

A strategy to help make your product deal matter online is to send a message to your Facebook fans or email list and ask them to leave a review at your Google Place page.

Also, try sending out follow up or reminder postcards with a call-to-action to review your business. Present it as a link asking for a review on your web site.
Or you can display a sign by your cash register or hand them a flier with their receipt asking for a review.

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