Extracurricular learning helps your brain stay active, polish a hobby, and pick a new trade or pastime. Even if you’re working or a stay-at-home mom, you can always find something new to learn without paying a lot. To keep you updated with the available classes you can take for additional learning while saving, check out the list I made below.

Educational/Class Deals

Top#1: Revere Glass SchoolBerkeley

Deal: Four-Hour Intro to Glass-Blowing Class ($220 Value)

Rating: 5 stars; 64 Yelp reviews

Price: $99

Savings: $121 or 55%

Available in three levels:

Level 1: Solid Glass

Level 2: Blown Glass

Level 3: Advanced Course

Top#2: SF MixologyMultiple Locations

Deal: Intro Mixology Cocktail-Making Class for 1 or 10, or Spirits Evolution Class

Rating: 5 stars; 28 Yelp reviews

Price: $69

Savings: $130 or 65%


2 hours for Spirits Evolution class ($69)

2 hours for Introduction to the Art of Mixology class ($69)

Other option: Private class for Introduction to the Art of Mixology for $499 (Original: Up to $1,990).

Top#3: U.S. Training GroupSouth San Francisco

Deal: Basic Pistol or Basic Rifle Introductory Course or Intermediate Shotgun Course (Up to 64% Off)

Rating: 5 stars; 8 Yelp reviews

Price: $75 and $120

Savings: $130 or 65%


Basic pistol or rifle introductory course ($75)

Intermediate shotgun course ($120)

Learning something new can improve your skills and widen your knowledge. For more choices on continuous education, visit your local universities and colleges. You can also apply for courses available online.

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