_I got a friend who runs a small business in Houston who ran a deal in one of the big deal sites recently. Everything went well. He did not expect unimaginable profit but he did gain more customers which was his intention to begin with.

Running A Deal

The only mishap he encountered was not putting a cap on the number of vouchers he originally wanted sold. It was a good thing that he fixed the problem with the website's merchant assistance program. He followed my advice to put the information in writing and with proof on the deal site's system.

Lessons Learned

Selling a tremendous number of vouchers may seem exciting in the beginning but if you have a small business with very few employees, you may soon find yourself bombarded with customers you can’t possibly handle. Worse, over selling vouchers is a sure way to put unnecessary financial stress on your business.

_R E C O M M E N D E D   D E A L S
1/30/2012 07:10:17 pm

It's always best advice to know what goes into a promotion and the deal site that you're coordinating with before proceeding with a deal.


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