Most diabetics live in such a way that they sometimes have to deprive themselves of the food they want. However, most of the myths surrounding diabetics and sweets have been debunked. There are alternatives that exist that do not put your frail condition in jeopardy. There are sweeteners safe for diabetics such as sugar substitutes or artificial sugars. Also, there are sweet foods that are low in calories and fats.

Affordable Sweets Alternatives
Here are some sweet alternatives for the diabetic that you can easily purchase.

Low-Fat Frozen Yogurt
Tutti Frutti®. They offer TF Tart, a plain tart flavor frozen yogurt you can get for only $.35.

Yogurt Express. This store offers different N.S.A frozen yogurt like N.S.A. Cake Mix, N.S.A. Chocolate Mint, N.S.A. Andes Mint and others for only 29¢/ounce.

Yogurtland. They have a line of No Sugar Added yogurt flavors such as Chocolate Twilight, Acai Bowl, and Mochachino for only $.30.

Sugar-Free Vanilla Wafers


Voortman Wafer Cookies Sugar Free Vanilla. Get this great treat from Voortman for only $7.95/9 oz. This wafer contains only 80 calories per serving.

Murray Sugar Free® Vanilla Wafers. Sweetened with Splenda, contains 130 calories per serving. You can get it from Walmart for only $2.36/5.5 oz.

Nilla - Wafers - Reduced Fat. This wafer contains only 120 calories. Get this 11-ounce boxes (pack of 12) from Amazon for only $51.06.

Checking the nutritional facts of the food you want to eat will help you gauge how it will affect your body’s glucose level. Other sweet alternatives you can eat are sugar-free gelatin and low-calorie ice cream. Finally, always remember to check the label before you purchase.

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