Three years after the Daily Deal business model debuted, there have been a lot of changes and improvement that has made this industry thrive and succeed. With different websites surfacing to cater to consumers’ needs, the competition is picking up and is shaping the future of e-commerce.

If you’re going to browse through the different deal-a-day sites, you will notice that most of them cater to a specific target market. One example is a website that is specifically for pet lovers. They give discounts to pet food, toys, accessories, and other pet related products. Another example is a website that features only the best travel destinations and hotels around the world. These types of daily deal sites cater to the needs of those who love to travel while staying frugal as much as possible.

This kind of strategic marketing makes it easier for e-commerce sites to reach their target audience and give their customers quality deals they can really benefit from. Merchants who sell unique products for a specific niche also find repeat customers in these kinds of deal websites.

Another noticeable trend on deal websites is the consumer feedback features on the deals and merchants. Now it’s easier for customers to share and read about the experiences other people have in availing their discount vouchers.
Daily dealwebsites are getting bigger and better this 2012 with more deals and giveaways in store for deal consumers. This industry is sure to give you more exciting deals this year so stand by for more updates by your favorite group buying site.
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