When I first heard about deal sites, I thought they were all the same. However, when I checked every deal site I found on the net, each has its unique and creative strategies to attract wise spenders to avail coupons and patronize their sites.


GroupOn offers deals that are available and consumable within a certain period of time. This is a wise strategy as it makes the consumer avail the items immediately before the timer runs out. For instance, a yogurt shop offers a $5 discount that people can purchase and use from 11:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. on a certain day only. Through this approach, people who see the deal will immediately buy this great deal in a wink.

1 Sale A Day

This deal site has a different style to attract consumers. They give the shoppers a limited time to buy an item but a longer time frame to make use of their purchase. The customer can use the item anytime but they should purchase it immediately before the deal ends. This method invites the consumer to take the deal as early as possible.

Waka Network

This deal site is a group buying site. It means that there are a certain number of people required to buy a deal before the deal becomes effective. So, if a yogurt voucher needs five consumers, then that means that the deal is off once only four consumers buys it. This incites consumers to gather their friends in order to buy the deal.

Not only that, they also have excellent offers for their premium plan members. These include roadside assistance, remote PC support, locksmith assistance, concierge, and travel bookings. With these benefits, members are given more than retail coupons.

Before signing up with any of these deal sites, make sure that their services can provide what you need. Enjoy online shopping the affordable way today!
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Well apart from offers, one more important factor is deal must be from my native city that too in my preferred category similar to mashupdeals.com

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As i read on <a href="http://cloudswave.com"> hot deal </a> one of the main reasons for the bad experience is the realization by some merchants that the people who use Groupon and Living Social coupons often don't become regular customers. They're just penny-pinchers who go from deal to deal. The merchants' regular customers, meanwhile, get a 50% sale on stuff they would have bought anyway at full price.


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